Turkish press about project START ERASMUS:

Project coordinator Seyda send us the new articles in local Turkish press about START ERASMUS project. Many thanks !!
Translation : Following the BOCCIA project, with the partnership of 3 organizations from 3 countries SOSEV came to an end with another project last year in Poland that is START- Activating and Integrating People with Disabilites Through Adapted Traditional Sports and Games.4 traditional games of 4 countries as a project output are still being introduced by doing local activities and dissemination of the games will continue. The first activities of the project were in the Soma Care and Rehabilitation Center Nursing Home Unit. The project partner organizations START-Sport and Rehabilitation Association from Poland, Partners Kyustendil Association from Bulgaria and Hz Brovna Cooperativa from Macedonia are working to ensure the active participation of disabled people in social life in their own countries and in international events by organizing activities with traditional games too.
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