The net ring ball – traditional sport from Poland, first used in the Project.

It’s a very interesting, dynamic and original game called The net ring ball (Polish name: Pierścieniówka). Underneath we put a brief description of this game:

  1. Origins of the game: Pierścieniówka derives from the observations made by Polish PE and gymnastics teacher Włodzimierz Robakowski who was watching Polish fishermen throwing buoyes through broken fishing nets at the lakes of Polish region Masuria. Based on these observations, He invented a game and described it in his book published in 1935.
  2. Aim of the game: To pass the ball through one of the three rings in the net in such a way that the ball strikes the ground within the other team’s half.

Project: Erasmus+Sport project „START – activating and integrating people with disabilities through adapted traditional sports and games” co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union
Task: Kick off meeting with workshop for project animators in Bulgaria
Location: Bulgaria, Kyustendil
Date: 24-31 July 2017