Summary meeting in Poland, Wagrowiec 23-29 July 2018

5 persons from Poland, 2 persons from Bulgaria,  2 persons from FYR of Macedonia, 2 persons from Turkey; 10 volunteers  from Poland , Total 21  persons – 7 days stay at  Rehabilitation Leisure Centre WIELSPIN Jeziorna street 16, 62-100 WAGROWIEC, Poland ( )

  1. a)            Verification of practical skills (participation of people with disabilities with volunteer’s help).
  2. b)           What is common and what is different in the project in each country – study of project solutions, exchange of experiences and good practices.
  3. c)            Integration and strengthening international cooperation outcomes.
  4. d)           How to effectively promote the project in the future – discussion on the possibility of continuing the project solutions after finalization, dissemination.
  5. e)    Evaluation and summary of the project


  1. a)            Presenting the games :
  • BULGARIA:      Holes – Yamichki;
  • MACEDONIA :  Dzhamlija;
  • POLAND :        Ringnetball;
  • TURKEY :         Bilye/misket oyunu (eng. Marble game)
  1. b)           Discussion on the rules of games and adaptation to the needs of people with disabilities, preparation the  final game rules
  2. c)            Testing the  games involving people with disabilities
  3. d)           Photo and training videos,
  4. e)           Final editing of “Guide of adapted traditional sports for persons with disabilities”
  5. f)            Event for persons with disabilities with TSG games