Letter from Turkey…

Foundation of Health Social and Education in Soma operated several activities to adapt disadvantaged people to community in order to make them more effective in social life since its settlement in 1984 and it will continue as so. Again, for the elderly and those in need of care It will continue to do the same activities in order to spend their last years in peace. The project „BOCCİA – Enhancing the quality of life with people with disabilities and their environment through Paralympic Sport Boccia”, which we- as a partner started in 2015 in Poland, Turkey, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria and Georgia; and depending on this another project that we started in Bulgaria “Activating and integrating people with disabilities through adapted traditional sports and games ” are activities that will make disabled people to adapt social life and enhance their quality of life.  Such activities are sacred activities. So I appreciate this project and I thank to those who caused it to come true.
Head of SOSEV Board of Directors