Game from Turkey : BİLYE/MİSKET OYUNU (eng. MARBLE GAME)

One of the oldest children’s games. It is played with small, hard balls called marbles. It is known that the Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar also played this game in his childhood. In the past, round pebbles or fruit seeds were used as balls, marble balls were made in the 18th century. The names and rules of the ball games vary according to the country in which they are played. The colored glass balls in Turkey „marble” ‘misket’ called.
The aim of the game: To gain points by passing the marble through the holes on the game board- that we give the name of the bridge- from a certain distance. If the player passes through one of the holes on the game board without touching the marble anywhere else on the board, the player gets points that are written on the hole. The goal is to reach the highest score.
Rules: The numbers on the game board are for scoring purposes. The number on each hole is different. The score gets higher as the hole gets smaller. When the players pass through the hole with the marble, they gain points on the hole.
Project: “START – activating and integrating people with disabilities through adapted traditional sports and  games” Co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union (Small collaborative partnership 2016