Game from FYR of Macedonia

Name of the game: Dzamija
Origin of the game/background: the game Dzhamlija is an old traditional game in the Republic of Macedonia, but it is also played in other countries in the region and is characteristic of the Balkans. Players are divided into two teams A and B   The square is drawn on the ground (2m x 2m). In the middle of the square, 5 tiles (stones) are stacked together. members of team A begin by rolling the ball try to knock over the tiles. After the tiles have been knocked over, team B arranges the tiles around the square, 4 at the corners and 1 in the middle. Next, Team A attempts to arrange the tiles in the pattern that they were before being knocked over. While members of team A attempt to place the tiles one on top of each other again, Team B stands at a distance of 1 meter from the square (opposite of team A) and tries to prevent this from happening by throwing a ball at the Team A player who is attempting to restack the tiles. If the player from Team A is hit by the ball, they must leave the game. The tiles are left as is line and the other players from Team A continue to try to restack the tiles, all while the players from Team B continue to throw a ball and to prevent team A from stacking the tiles. When team A succeeds in arranging the tiles, they shout „Dzamija ..” and thus show that they are winners.
Project: “START – activating and integrating people with disabilities through adapted traditional sports and  games” Co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union (Small collaborative partnership 2016