Dzamija, Tas, Кизия – 3 Traditional games from 3 countries

Name of the game: Dzamija (English) – Yamija (Macedonian)
Basic rules: 2 teams, 5 people each
The game is played at the rectangular field. You need 5 stones to construct a kind of a chapel (by putting one stone on another). This chapel is placed in the middle of the game’s field.
Team 1 starts the game. One player roles (bowls) the ball trying to destroy the chapel. The main task of his or her team is then trying to reconstruct the chapel while Team 2 tries to catch the ball bowled by Team 1 and throw it at the opponents.
If the chapel is reconstructed, Team 1 gets a point. If Team 2 manages to eliminate each player from Team 1 by hitting them with a ball, they score a point.
Name of the game: 9 stones (English) – Tas (Turkish)
Basic rules: you can play one to one (2 people in total) or more (in teams).

  1. a) individual version:
    you need to build a chapel of 9 stones between players. First player has 3 attempts to roll or bowl a ball trying to destroy the chapel. He or she gets as many points as many stones he or she manages to make fall down. If the whole chapel is destroyed, he or she gets 10 points.
    You can also change the rules and have only one attempt to roll the ball and then your opponent rolls it.
  2. b) group version:
    at least 6 people playing (3 to 3). You choose who start by tip-top game or by throwing a coin.
    The player from the team who begins, has 3 attempts. He or she tries to destroy the chapel and then his or her team tries to reconstruct it while the second team tries to hit the opponents with a ball to eliminate them.

Name of the game: Kiziya (English) – Кизия (Bulgarian)
Basic rules:
The number of participants is not defined. Draw a rectangle on the ground and divide it into six equal squares. Take a ball. Bounce the ball in the first square once, in the second – twice and so on until you go through all squares. The one who succeeds to cover all squares without hitting the line is the winner. If the ball hits one of the lines, it’s a faul and the next player must take the ball. The same goes if you drop the ball. (Recorded in: Gorna Grashtitsa, Dragovishtitsa, Katrishte).
And besides of these games we played in Kyustendil also our favorite Boccia and others……